Within his practice, David Noonan collects images from disparate sources such as books, theater, and textile design to rearrange them within newly imagined narratives.

The artist’s recurring interest in theatricality and performativity is demonstrated within Liquid Sky, which features a figure of unknown gender wearing a Venetian eye mask with long, draping earrings. But the intriguing face of the figure is only a small, identifiable portion of the print, as the rest of the composition is filled with largely abstract patterns with tidbits of information (such as the person’s hand in the lower right) that help position the figure within the picture plane.

Meanwhile, the making of the silkscreen print is revealed within the composition, as the boundaries for individual pieces of collage are left intact as material remnants of the artist’s creative process. Through these formal and compositional strategies, Noonan creates a mysterious portrait that conveys a curious mélange of estrangement, nostalgia, and desire.