Based in Chicago, Rory Scott works across the world of fine art, animation, and graphic design, creating projects that push the formal and conceptual boundaries of digital art. Central to her practice is her fascination with the universe, as it is imagined and depicted in science fiction films, as well as glossy surfaces that repeat in such materials as glitter.

Screened next to the portraits of the notable alumni of the Booth School of Business that serve as a hallmark of the London campus, Deluge repeats many of the artist’s central formal concerns by exploiting the movements of abstract shapes that conjure up images of the Milky Way. The consistently changing flashes of light that approach and recede from the spectator within the piece obfuscate temporal and spatial dimensions, adding a dimension of fantasy to the otherwise functional architectural setting. Specifically commissioned to be displayed at the London campus, the work seeks to connect Chicago and London through the concept of water and their common pursuit of excellence in education, a feature that is common to both cities through the presence of Lake Michigan and the River Thames.