Spencer Sweeney’s practice interweaves images of disarming psychological directness. His fluid and humorous visual language is developed throughout his heterogeneous output that ranges from painting to multimedia installations. Much of work is informed by his collaborations with artists working in music and performance, and his frequent references to club culture stem from his formative years as a DJ and a nightclub owner in New York in the 1990s.

In Saint Tropez Gigolo, he portrays a naked man wearing tight, red swim briefs posing with his hands on his waist, a figure who suits the description provided in the title. The large red hat that is wide enough to cover the entirety of his torso emphasizes the performativity of the man, while the flowing brush strokes of blue and white convey the atmosphere of St. Tropez, a town in the French Riviera known for its beautiful beaches and exuberant nightlife. Staring directly into the spectator with a cigarette in his mouth, the figure recalls common tropes of male models posing in fashion magazines and advertising.